Hello!, my name is Connor & welcome to Connor Daniels Photography! 

I'm currently Attending Northern Illinois University, & am a double BFA major in Photography & Visual Communications (graphic design). I've been fascinated with the arts my entire life, & have constantly searched for new ways to express my creativity. Whether this was through drawing, painting, ceramics, photography, & web design. Photography & graphic design are two things in my life that just stuck, and are  the most important things in my life. 

While in high school I began to experiment with the two fields, and got a taste of what being a artist as a career maybe like. 

Once entering college I decided that I wanted to pursue both of my passions, and saved up for a professional DSLR camera. I first wanted to minor in photography so I decided to take one photo class, and see if it was the right fit. After completing the class I then took the jump, and wanted to make photography my other major & eventually my career. 

Going Professional

After completing only two photography courses I had been accepted into the Photography Department of NIU, and could now make my dream career a reality. Almost immediately after being accepted I began to take on clients. First was a wedding, and then portraits. In a short amount of time I had finally gotten the word out, and my art was getting positive recognition not only from my professors, but also the community.

Every time I take on a client I think of it as a challenge which makes it a lot more interesting than just a "client". Being able to step out of your comfort zone, and try new things is something that I am always open to. In just a short amount of time I believe I have grown, & will continue to create beautiful images. Everyday is a new adventure, & being a photographer is the best way to share that adventure with others.

NIU Portfolio

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